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True-to-life characters truly look alive, making them the ideal centerpiece for a Christmas display. Built on sturdy wire frames fully entwined in thousands of LED lights, each character is eye-catching and will serve as a powerful customer draw during the holiday season. Center your favorite character display as a the focal point of your Christmas presentation, and watch the customers line up for a photo op! Perfect for city parks, walking paths, commercial properties, shopping malls, Christmas light tours, big box stores, special events, venues, courtyards, and more.


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Leasing option is also available for Christmas Displays. Please call us at 843-216-8445 for details.

Life-Size, 3D Giraffe, 17.1ft Tall

Life-Size, 3D Giraffe, 17.1ft Tall
(Santa says 'Click photo for larger view')

Price Each: $31,570.00

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Description: One of the most spectacular and life-like live forms available, this true-to-life live-form giraffe is dazzling and eye-catching with hundreds of individual LED bulbs putting off warm white static glow, with each strand of LEDS wrapped carefully around the giraffe's sturdy wire frame. The dimensions of this Christmas display are 17.1ft high, 10.2ft long, and 3.1ft wide. Includes 24 volt power supply.
Item ID: FDS-20103

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